Friday, 18 March 2011

Project 1 Stage 3 & 4

Well still keeping to my timetable.
 I have spent the last week searching through my postcards of artists work, looking especially at the way marks have been made. It has been an interesting exercise trying to take away the colour and just look at the texture and form. I then looked through photographs to find some images that would be good for Texture drawings. I am happy with them all save the landscape but I think that is because it is a little too obvious. Anyway Below is what I have done, not too bad a Days work:

coloured charcoal black ink and graphite pencil

wax resist and black ink wash red and yellow ink put on with a toothbrush and charcoal

brown oil pastel covered in black ink then scratched off, Blue ink and bleach, green wax rubbing of brick painted with black ink on separate paper ripped and stuck on

pencil + 2x ink and bleach

top: wax resist , black ink and marker pen, Middle and bottom oil pastel painted in permanent ink scraped using various marks 
top wax resist scraped then painted with red ink and scraped again. the red lines are the first scrape, white the second Bottom the same as the top but using blue oil pastel instead

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