Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Project 1, Stage 2

Friday 11th March. Having spent several days reading through the handbook and dreaming of starting I had a day to myself and could begin. I gathered all the mark making things I could find and my A3 sketch book and began to play. I have done some mark making before but mainly looking at process rather than trying to draw to an emotion. It was a good practice for me as it made me expand a little on the usual marks that I make.

I am happy with the results I did on the day and it inspired me to look back at some mark making that I have done over the last year with my art group. I would like to try Fixative transfer but have no fixative in the house only hairspray, and also rubbing's but I ran out of time, perhaps at the weekend with the kids.
Anyway here are some pictures of what I did with a note of what they are.

making marks in an expressive way
making marks in an expressive way.

Mark making felt tip, charcoal and felt tip
Mark making pencil, graphite stick and charcoal pencil
mono print 
splattering paint (Background charcoal scribbles smudged)
painted paper ripped and woven
Acrylic paint scraped on then off shiny card. also hairbrush scraped over remaining wet paint.
Acrylic paint scraped in swirls with hairbrush
Acrylic paint scraped on then off shiny card
ink and charcoal
ink dropped on wet paper and bleach spots
coloured charcoal ink brushed and ink splatters
wax resist and ink


  1. What lovely work. I did love the ink spots with bleached centres, it was inspired! And the acrylic looks like a piece of abstract art in its own right.

    I think we may be working on Textiles 1 in tandem? Have you sent off your first assignment yet? I am getting closer and closer to that point.

  2. Hi Diana, yes I think we are on the same course. I plan to send my first assignment off for the end of April all things going well. What about you?

    I have to admit that the coloured stuff above I did before starting the textiles course. I am part of an art group that meets weekly and we do a lot of mark making. I am a little anxious re starting the sewing as that will take me out of my comfort zone. I do however want to bring my painting skills and my love of Textiles together hence the course.

    I like the way you did your marks Light-medium-heavy for each mark I think I may have a go at that too, also your rubbing's are good I have not done that. I love your texture pictures I have not found any yet going to do that tomorrow, Fridays are my Course days.

    Anyway so great to get together with someone to share this process with. I do hope we can keep each other on track and share ideas it is a little weird working all alone.


  3. Perhaps we should swop emails to keep each other motivated? How are you doing? I am at the point of pulling my first assignment together to send off, hopefully at the beginning of next week. I am excited about seeing your work translated into stitch.

  4. Yes that sounds like a great idea I will find out how I can send you my email securely.

    Well done re getting your first assignment done. I will have to get a move on to catch up then we can be on the same projects together.

    I am stuck with the translation of line to stitch scared I think as not done that before. Am going to tackle it on Friday.