Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Project 4 Experiments with printing and painting Stage 2

Block Printing and Relief Printing:

I started by making some sketches of simple shapes I could use for making into a printing block. I looked over the mark making I had done in my old sketchbooks then made up some blocks. Below is the result

Lino block printed in layers of colour on white

Lino block cut so that the pattern can be tessellated

foam block repeating and layered gold over red

Foam block with the paint rolled on in stripes of red blue and gold before printing 

two blocks used over patterned paper

blue and gold on layers of coloured tissue 

gold on patterned paper

Project 4 Stage 2, 3 and 4

Stage 2 Looking for shapes and drawing

First I cut a viewing frame 5cm x 5cm and then took a series of photographs  looking through the viewing frame at sections of a couple of big doodle pictures I made some time ago. I printed off the pictures and then chose a selection to copy out again using collage, watercolour, oil pastel and pens:

I then took the last image and made several different versions of it looking at the textures, colours and shapes playing with the ideas and not fussy about accurately copying the image

Stage 4 Developing design ideas

For this stage I took the images I had made in the previous stage and manipulated them
  •  repeating and flipping the image:

  • Making a collage from prints of the images:

  • changing the colours: