Part 1: Stage 3 & 4 Questions

Q: Have you ever thought of drawing this way before?
Yes, I have been experimenting with marks for some time but with no real direction. I meet with a group of other women on a weekly basis and we generally experiment with different creative techniques and medium.  It was good to work from photographs as this is something I have been meaning to do for some time, it has reminded me that when the children were small I used to carry a camera as there was never any time to sketch. I must dig out the photos and work with them now.
Q: Were you able to be inventive about the marks?
I think I have a tendency to go back to marks that I have used before rather than extending myself fully out of my comfort zone. I did try some new ideas and have not mixed things up as much as I have in these exercises.
Q: Did you explore a wide range of media?
The answer to this is pretty much the same as above.
Q: Are you pleased with what you have done? Will it help you to approach drawing more confidently?
I am pleased with the majority of what I have produced. The only thing I do not like is my use of colour in some of the exercises. It detracts from the textures. I like very much the Limpets rocks and hyacinths. Not so pleased with the field I think maybe it is because it is too literal. I am already fairly confident re drawing this has reminded me how much I enjoy it. It has encouraged me to do more sketching in a general way outside of the work needed for this course.
Q: Which exercise did you enjoy most and why?
I think I liked the last bit, using images to produce work. This is the step I have not really done that often recently and so was more interesting and new.
Q: Which Media did you most enjoy and why?
I really like ink with resist and bleach. I think I like it because you don’t really know what it is going to do. I really enjoyed splashing paint in the style of Pollock but I did that some time ago in a friend’s garage. No room here to try that again. I think I like the random aspect that I can then transform into some kind of order. Most of the paintings I have done are on that kind of theme.
Q: What other forms of mark making could you try?
I would like to explore rubbing and collage. I find them both challenging but can see they would be good prep work for textiles, Appliqué type thing. I would also like to experiment with mark making on a computer using Paint or illustrator.
Q: How will these exercises enrich your textile work in the future?
I think Embroidery is so to do with the mark and line. I need to keep in mind when drawing to make the texture so I can reproduce it in stitch and these exercises have made me think in this kind of way.

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