Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Project 2 Stage 3 - 6

I have struggled to work out what was wanted for each Stage as they seemed to overlap in content somewhat. In the end  I have used some of my drawings and tried to represent them using the either the stitch to create texture and different yarn to create texture. This is the result:
I spent some time looking at the marks made by some of the Abstract Expressionists
and how they would translate to stitch

Then tried various experiments with Felt as the background and coloured silk thread.

Following this I looked at some drawings that I had done influenced by a painting by Farah Syed

I like this piece although the Vertical stitching gets lost
 and Perhaps would have been better in a darker thread.
Finally I experimented creating texture by sewing Fleece into the base fabric, also attaching rings made from cutting up a felted bracelet. The images I used for this were some I had done around Limpets.
two study pictures of limpets