Saturday, 2 July 2011

Project 3 Stage 4 and 5

Stage 4 Colour Moods and themes

Exercise 1

I did this exercise with my art group. We all wrote words down on paper and then put them in a pot. We then chose words at random and tied to paint with colour and textures that represented those words. These are the words I had:

Stage 5 Coloured Stitches

I started by mixing one block of primary colour with a second. I ranged the stitching from fairly dense to fairly open. 

The yellow on Blue stands out much more than the blue on yellow

I then experimented with coloured felt in blocks of colour. The Blue here stands out well even though is it a small patch.

Lastly for this section Imade a block of red and yellow stitched in different thickness  of thread and then added blue stitching over one half.

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  1. Nice work with the coloured stitches. The block of yellow, red and blue 'sings' !